How it works:
Find the custom number you want, and go through checkout. Once we have confirmed payment, we will send you the Simcard. The network we chose to work with on all of our VIP mobile numbers is GiffGaff. We recommend you stick on this network as it's the safest and most secure network. They also offer great packages and rates!
Once you receive the number, we will send you the account details for the GiffGaff Website so you may change the details and purchase top up and bundles. All of our accounts come with £10+ pre top up as a thank you for shopping with VIP mobile numbers.

Warranty Policy:
We offer 3 months warranty on all of our numbers. This warranty only applies if the number gets disconnected, or any other issues with the number. If you move the number to another network, the warranty becomes void. The warranty doesn't apply if you do not want the number anymore. To ensure your number stays active and with you, we recommend setting the email on the giffgaff account as a email that you use constantly, as when 5 months past they notify you via email as to when the simcard disconnects. If the number is inactive for 6 months, the number is recycled and given to another giffgaff customer. Other networks have different inactive durations. Please ask the network as to how long this period is, if you do decide to move to another network.

Handling And Shipping:
When you make a purchase of any number, our handling and shipping usually takes 1 working day. However, if your order before 4 pm, the Simcard will be shipped same day. Any number ordered that's above the price of £250 will be shipped as Special next day delivery via Royal Mail. Otherwise, it will be shipped as 1st Class Signed for via Royal Mail. If you are based in Europe (and outside UK), the package may take up to 3-5 working days to arrive. If you are based outside Europe, it can take 5+ working days and the package will be sent via DHL. If you don't receive it, contact us via email or give us a call:
call: 07770 660777